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Food Jail

Self help book by Stephanie Georgiou

Do you constantly think about food, your body shape or weight? Do you feel guilty if you eat something ‘bad’ or miss out on a gym session? Do you experience negative thoughts that get in the way of you living an optimal life? Well guess what, you are not alone.

I have spent over ten years living, learning and obsessively researching what we call an eating disturbed world. I am here to tell you that your life does not have to be this way and I am going to change the way you think, feel and behave through the power of psychology. You will be amazed when you wake up in the morning and your brain has been re-wired and you’re not thinking about food.   


Food Jail is written by Psychologist, Public Speaker and Food Enthusiast, Stephanie Georgiou. In this addictive Self-Help Book, Stephanie shares her own dark and personal journey through an eating disorder which lasted almost a decade. She describes it as the ‘devil entering your mind’ and nothing else existing. She lets you take a deep dive into the brain of someone with an eating disorder and helps you understand how the mind works and how you can change any aspect of your life using her strategies. 


This book is not just for the eating disorder population. It is for anyone wanting to connect, learn and change their mindset and behaviour about absolutely anything.  

Become part of something great. It all starts with a decision to try.

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