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Eating Disorder

The approximate number of people in Australia with an eating disorder at any given time is estimated to be 913,986, which is 4% of the population (Butterfly Foundation).

The average time it takes for an individual to seek therapy for an eating disorder is eight years. The reason for this help seeking trend is due to individuals believing that they can maintain a relatively ‘normal life’. individuals with concerns around body shape, weight and eating believe that ‘fixing’ their body will fix the problem, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. That their body composition is the problem. This cannot be further from the truth. You think you are in control of food, but really, food is controlling you.

You are not meant to live a life that revolves around body shape, weight and size. Imagine a life where you no longer feel guilty about food, you can eat what you want and your body doesn’t suffer! 

Stephanie has spent over a decade, living, researching and working with individuals who fall victim to a term Stephanie refers to as 'Eating Disturbance’. Just because an individual doesn't have a clear Eating Disorder, it doesn’t mean they aren’t deeply impacted by diet culture, binge eating and the belief they need to lose weight to be happy. 

Stephanie uses a combination of evidence based modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy to help you better understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Stephanie has a specialised interest and experience in the area of Eating Disorders and is a trained CBT-E therapist, which is ‘enhanced’ Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Eating Disorders. In CBT-E, a bespoke treatment is created that fits the individual clients profile.

Stephanie is also the author of Food Jail - Breaking the bars of binge eating which is a captivating and inspiring self help book to overcome eating disturbance and related disorders. 

You spend 1 third of your life sleeping, and 1 third has probably already been overtaken by eating disturbance, so choose to live the rest of your life!


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