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National Psychology Exam Preparation

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PURPOSE This workshop equips provisional psychologists for the National Psychology Examination (NPE). We cover the 4 areas of the exam; ethics, assessment, intervention and communication in detail. This is a fantastic resource to help get you started as well as identify your areas of weakness. We discussed the best ways to study for the exam and a FREE practice exam you can complete at the end! OUTCOMES At the end of this workshop you will: -Understand the NPE and how to study for it -Know the specific assessments in greater detail -Feel confident in your ability to undertake the exam -Understand the format of the exam and how questions may look. In this workshop, you will receive: - A video on preparing for the NPE - A practice exam comprising of 10 questions - Slides of the presentation This workshop is worth 2 CPD (not including the practice exam which you can include separately).

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